Ruinas Bridge to Machu Picchu

New Bridge to Machu Picchu Opens

A new bridge joining the town of Machu Picchu and Machu Picchu Archaeological Park opened December 29th, 2016 for tourist visiting the ruins. The new structured will be named the Ruinas Bridge and expands over 150 feet above the Rio Alcamayo. Machu Picchu Mayor David Gayoso will be hosting an official opening ceremony in mid-January.

UNESCO clears Machu Picchu from endangered heritage list

After extensive structure work to better protect the Machu Picchu Sanctuary, UNESCO removed Machu Picchu from the endangered heritage list. An inspection team visited Machu Picchu on February 5th and approved the progress made at the Inca citadel. A complete report will be issue within the next few weeks outlining a long term plan to continue preserving the Inca’s sacred …

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2016 Inca Trail Passes Selling Out Quickly!

Inca Trail passes went on sale this year on January 11th. The rush to get passes this time was beyond expectations. Passes are already sold out through more or less June of this year. If you plan to do the Inca Trail in 2016, make sure to book as soon as possible. Every year the demand for passes has increased …

Machu Picchu #2 – TripAdvisor’s 2015 Top World Destinations

Machu Picchu Wins #2 Top Destinations In the World Award For 2015 By Millions of TripAdvisor Travelers. Highland Adventures(™) is pleased to announce today’s TripAdvisor(™) Travelers’ Choice (™) awards for 2015 Landmarks. The award honored more than 700 landmarks around the world. The winners are determined by millions of reviews during the last 12 months from TripAdvisors travelers worldwide.